The purpose of this blog is to shed light on a very shady character  by the names of William Cassidy, also called Marshal Duncan, who fancies himself as Tulku Tenpa.

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Booking information

For those who may wonder if the arrest really occurred here is a glance at a public record. It is freely available for viewing from this website:

Beware of Tenpa

William L Cassidy is out of prison without supervision and therefore capable of offending again. Here is some information that you should know. As it is stated on this blog, he operates under a number of aliases: Tulku Urgyen Tenpa Rinpoche, Susan R. Nevis, Trinh, Marshall Duncan. There likely are more. In fact he is William L. Cassidy.

He has several blogs:

* Digital Tibetan Altar (tibetanaltar.blogspot.com) where he blogs as Tenpa as is author of most of the comments.
* Tulku Urgyen Tenpa Rinpoche (tulkuurgyantenparinpoche.blogspot.com) where he blogs as Tenpa and is the author of most of the comments.
* Radio Free Palyul (radiofreepalyul.blogspot.com) where he blogs as Marshall Duncan.
* jetsunma.wordpress.org

His blog posts range from seemingly innocuous to crude and disgusting, such as his insensitive treatment of His Holiness Penor Rinpoche’s recent passing. Palyul is the lineage that His Holiness held and Cassidy has nothing but contempt for His Holiness, revered by many as a living Buddha, and the Palyul lineage, the oldest sect of the Nyingma school of Buddhism.

Vajrayana students know that lineage protects the Dharma. This person who claims to be a recognized Tulku is a fake. The Nyingma masters have not and do not recognize him, and do not authenticate his claim.

On http://www.nyingmapa.us, a website that ceased to exist after Cassidy’s arrest in March 2008, Cassidy offered sadhanas for free that originated from the Dudjom lineage with his “edits”. One wonders why a so-called Tulku would need to edit and change a sadhana given by a pure master such as His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche.

Please use discretion when encountering this person on the web or in person. He is not who he says he is. In reality, his intention is to turn people away from the Dharma. That is his end game.

Buddhist and Religious Organizations Beware!

Please beware! William L Cassidy has a registered business in Nevada, the business he says, is “religious organization.”

As the posts on this blog demonstrate, Cassidy has masqueraded as a Tibetan Tulku in order to gain entry into Buddhist organizations and collect not only offerings, but uses the knowledge he gains from the organizations to begin turning people away from the Dharma.

Here is a link to his business listing:


For those of you who do not know who he is, or his ex-nun girlfriend, here are some photos:

Nydia Alexandra also known as

Please do not be fooled by these two. If they attempt to enter your center to offer advice, for the sake of Dharma turn them away.

From Jetsunma Akhon Lhamo

Anyone who turns the mind of a sentient being away from the profound blessings of a living Buddha, like His Holiness Penor Rinpoche is either insane, stupendously ignorant or demonic.

This has gone too far. The sangha should pick up pen and paper and write about His Holiness. His Holiness is peerless; nobody has done what he has done. The extent of his Dharma activity is unmatched anywhere in the world; the loving care which he has provided for his students is unmatched, and the sublime purity with which he has kept his three levels of vows; outer, inner and secret cannot be denied.

Christianity says, and I would like to borrow the phrase, “…by their fruits you will know them.”

Those who would put him down are dealers of hate. They speak hate, they breathe hate, and the vile pus of their hatred is their nectar.

At the time of their death they will see what they have done.

–Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

Cassidy to serve his time!

Received word today that Cassidy’s parole was denied until his sentence expires in February 2009.

Will update as more details are received.

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Probation Revoked

April 21st, 2008

Cassidy had a probation revocation hearing today in Nevada.

During the hearing the judge reviewed Cassidy’s claims that he had no idea he had violated the terms of his probation. The judge was informed that in August of 2007 California had sent word to Nevada that his parole officer had not heard from him in 6 months and the warrant that resulted in his arrest was issued.  Cassidy had nothing in his possession to dispute California’s claim.

Cassidy claimed he had been keeping in touch with his probation officer via email, and when he stopped getting replies he assumed it was all okay.  The judge pointed out this was not the case, it was Cassidy’s responsibility to provide the necessary paperwork to maintain his status under parole.  The judge also pointed out that $45,000 in damages had been awarded in the case for which Cassidy was on probation, and that Cassidy had only paid $60 towards those awarded damages.

He appeared in court with two lawyers.  His Nevada lawyer and his California lawyer.

The California lawyer was acting as a character witness.  His private nurse also appeared as a character witness. When the judge first heard that character witnesses were present he initially did not want to hear from any for a probation revocation hearing, but when he saw two Buddhist monks in the courtroom he did invite all the character witnesses to speak.

The two monks were from KPC in Arizona and testified regarding Cassidy having claimed a special status within the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual tradition.  They testified that such claims must be verified, and that KPC did begin a process of researching the claim.  During the time that Cassidy spent with KPC he was offered housing and care for his claimed illness.  He was provided with all necessities, including nursing care by one of the nuns.

The monks also testified that although Cassidy claimed his health was extremely poor he was still able to organize and participate in an event last Losar where he presided for over 5 hours and greeted over 500 people.

During that same time in Arizona under the care of KPC, Cassidy claimed to have great business savviness.  KPC had already initiated a re-organization in an attempt to establish better better business practices.  Cassidy offered to help establish a better business model, taking on the role of COO for the organization for the span of a little more than a week. During the hearing the judge expressed interest in hearing about Cassidy’s nurse, understanding that the nurse use to be a nun.  The monks at the hearing confirmed her background; that she had been a nun for over 20 years.

The monks also testified that during the time that Cassidy was acting as COO, KPC received word from their sources that Cassidy was not who he claimed to be.  It was at that time he was asked to leave.  He took with him financial information from the organization and posted much of it on the internet.

Cassidy appeared in court wearing oxygen, claiming he had been in the hospital 70 times since going on probation.

The nurse also took the stand, testifying that she has been a nurse for 30 years, and that she had once been part of KPC.  She stated she was providing personal nursing services to him while he was there and testified that he was very sick.  She stated that she had left Arizona with him to continue to offer personal nursing services.  The judge asked her if she was being paid, and when she said she was not the judge stated it was a suspicious situation and that Cassidy was a con man.

In the end the judge reduced Cassidy’s sentence from 5 years to 36 months with a minimum of 12 months. His 12 month minimum ends in approximately 60 days.

Reports from the field

Julie Green, previously a Buddhist nun has moved to California to be with Mr. Cassidy.  She met Cassidy in Arizona while he was posing as a Tibetan doctor and Rinpoche.  Based on conversations Ms. Green has had with others it is believed she has been diagnosed as bipolar.  She had been a devoted student for more than 20 years and has recently exhibited changes in her behavior.  It appears that she has been manipulated and confused by Cassidy.   He is making false accusations about our dharma community and she seems to be parroting these misrepresentations.  We know that he told a number of people in our organization that he doesn’t believe in medication, and even told someone on heart medication to stop cold turkey.   It is recommended that anyone who hears any information from Julie to keep in mind these facts and her behavior.

Cassidy To Be Extradited to Nevada

William L. Cassidy appeared in court today in San Bernardino County at a waiver hearing. He said, “I waive”, and was whisked away with another felon. He will be transported to Clark County, Nevada where he will remain in jail awaiting his probation revocation hearing. We have learned it can take a month to even book a hearing.

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Details of Arrest/Process

We have investigated the arrest of William L. Cassidy and offer this information so that if anyone else has complaints against this person they will know the legal authorities they can contact.

On Thursday, March 13, 2008, a deputy from the Sheriff’s office located William L. Cassidy living in Lucerne Valley, CA. The same William L. Cassidy had an outstanding warrant for his arrest (a PC1551.1- Fugitive No Bail Warrant). The deputies went to his home, finding no one there. Having located a description of Cassidy’s car and its license plate number, they called deputies in Big Bear, CA to see if it was parked near the Big Bear Café, a wi-fi coffee house known to be used by Cassidy. He was there and upon exiting the café, accompanied by the former nun/now girlfriend Julie Greene/Nydia Alexandra, Cassidy was placed under arrest. His vehicle was released to the custody of Julie Greene/Nydia Alexandra. Cassidy was taken to the West Valley Detention Center. He will appear in San Bernardino County Court Monday for a hearing regarding extradition to Nevada, the jurisdiction under which he was placed on probation.

Anyone can keep track of his release from San Bernardino County by registering with the VINE System at 800-247-0551 and entering his booking number 0803060069.

It is not known at this time if charges will be brought against Julie/Nydia for aiding a fugitive.

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