Probation Revoked

April 21st, 2008

Cassidy had a probation revocation hearing today in Nevada.

During the hearing the judge reviewed Cassidy’s claims that he had no idea he had violated the terms of his probation. The judge was informed that in August of 2007 California had sent word to Nevada that his parole officer had not heard from him in 6 months and the warrant that resulted in his arrest was issued.  Cassidy had nothing in his possession to dispute California’s claim.

Cassidy claimed he had been keeping in touch with his probation officer via email, and when he stopped getting replies he assumed it was all okay.  The judge pointed out this was not the case, it was Cassidy’s responsibility to provide the necessary paperwork to maintain his status under parole.  The judge also pointed out that $45,000 in damages had been awarded in the case for which Cassidy was on probation, and that Cassidy had only paid $60 towards those awarded damages.

He appeared in court with two lawyers.  His Nevada lawyer and his California lawyer.

The California lawyer was acting as a character witness.  His private nurse also appeared as a character witness. When the judge first heard that character witnesses were present he initially did not want to hear from any for a probation revocation hearing, but when he saw two Buddhist monks in the courtroom he did invite all the character witnesses to speak.

The two monks were from KPC in Arizona and testified regarding Cassidy having claimed a special status within the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual tradition.  They testified that such claims must be verified, and that KPC did begin a process of researching the claim.  During the time that Cassidy spent with KPC he was offered housing and care for his claimed illness.  He was provided with all necessities, including nursing care by one of the nuns.

The monks also testified that although Cassidy claimed his health was extremely poor he was still able to organize and participate in an event last Losar where he presided for over 5 hours and greeted over 500 people.

During that same time in Arizona under the care of KPC, Cassidy claimed to have great business savviness.  KPC had already initiated a re-organization in an attempt to establish better better business practices.  Cassidy offered to help establish a better business model, taking on the role of COO for the organization for the span of a little more than a week. During the hearing the judge expressed interest in hearing about Cassidy’s nurse, understanding that the nurse use to be a nun.  The monks at the hearing confirmed her background; that she had been a nun for over 20 years.

The monks also testified that during the time that Cassidy was acting as COO, KPC received word from their sources that Cassidy was not who he claimed to be.  It was at that time he was asked to leave.  He took with him financial information from the organization and posted much of it on the internet.

Cassidy appeared in court wearing oxygen, claiming he had been in the hospital 70 times since going on probation.

The nurse also took the stand, testifying that she has been a nurse for 30 years, and that she had once been part of KPC.  She stated she was providing personal nursing services to him while he was there and testified that he was very sick.  She stated that she had left Arizona with him to continue to offer personal nursing services.  The judge asked her if she was being paid, and when she said she was not the judge stated it was a suspicious situation and that Cassidy was a con man.

In the end the judge reduced Cassidy’s sentence from 5 years to 36 months with a minimum of 12 months. His 12 month minimum ends in approximately 60 days.

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  1. may all the holy lamas
    of all the lineages and traditions
    have their lives and influence increase
    may all those not presently with us
    quickly take human birth
    so that the holy dharma may spread
    unto the ends of the earth
    may any merit generated
    from this and other practices
    as well as any other merit
    generated from any other action
    of body, speech or mind
    become a seed for the enlightenment
    of all beings

    through this merit
    may all beings achieve enlightenment
    through the inconceivable and incalculable
    blessing and merit
    of the three jewels
    and the three roots
    and especially my kind root lama
    may I also come to achieve enlightenment
    for the benefit of all beings

    Please accept this verse of dedication for the development of discernment and of the growth of the Dharma

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